Do you know www.@yahoo.com signifies the world wide web mail at yahoo.com. Inevitably, @yahoo.com is mail extension of official website www.yahoo.com web mail address. Once you successfully created Yahoo mail address, can definitely get wwwyahoo.com email address. Unfortunately or by some reasons if you have not made Yahoo email address yet, then learn on how to Sign up Yahoo email address first to make sure not to do any mistake in overall Yahoo mail registration process.

What is the difference between www.yahoo.com and @yahoo.com ?
Well, www.yahoo.com and @yahoo.com is utterly different subject matter in terms of meaning, functionality & usage:
www.yahoo.com is domain name of official Yahoo inc website, whereas @yahoo.com is a component or email/mail service of Yahoo website.
- @yahoo.com is for the users who have signed up Yahoo mail account or Yahoo email ID.
- learn in brief here on Yahoo web address.
- One can send or receive email with the help of @yahoo.com email address.

www.yahoo.com Mail

Do you know www.yahoo.com mail is all about the free online web mail service. The mail section of the yahoo.com is the most dominant aspect in official Yahoo website. The virtual webmail provider, Yahoo is endowed to any of the internet users freely, who really want to use Yahoo Mail service & Yahoo online postal system.

www.yahoo.com Mail

www.yahoo.com Mail

Ok, then how do you jump to www.yahoo.com official webmail login service page ?
Visiting yahoo.com mail section is not difficult subject matter. Users can directly access Yahoo mail service section by typing the following urls on your any of the computer browsers like Google Chrome, Mozillia firefox & Internet explorer:

  • mail.yahoo.com
  • login.yahoo.com

Why visiting www.yahoo.com mail login homepage ?
Login & Sign in page of yahoo mail shows a kind of sense that either visitors are about to login Yahoo mail with already registered username and password or the visitors want to create yahoo ID first time or generate new Yahoo.com.

Can I send or receive messages even without sign in & login to Yahoo mail ?
It is beyond possible to send or receive messages or data without making any connection with Yahoo. One can deliver or receive messages by providing correct yahoo ID and Password in official mail login page of Yahoo.com.

What kind of mail can I receive or deliver in www.yahoo.com online postal system ? 
Unlink physical mailing system, Yahoo online webmail is different. So you can only send digitization letter, digital image, pdf file and so many other digital attachment files. However, sending and receiving mail in Yahoo is possible only if you are logged in with Yahoo.